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Why Do You Need Website?

There are several main and fundamental reasons why companies or individuals decide to have a website before visiting a website design company, which include:

  1. Website can increase sales, promotion, and marketing areas for their products or services so prospective customers who, on average, already use the internet today can get information on the products or services they offer.

  2. Website as in the internet is a media of information without limits that can be accessed by every individual without the limitations of space and time in this hemisphere (the widest media info/unlimited range media info).

  3. Website can be accessed by all levels of society in the world (unlimited user access).

  4. Website can be the widest promotion media in terms of unlimited scope of areas.

  5. Website can be media to introduce company to the customer or even make the company even closer to the customers. It is because customer can dig up about the history of the company, products or services offered along with new products/services, job vacancy information and contact details of company information.

"Then how to choose "quality WEBSITE DESIGN Company?."

Ask for examples of portfolios (examples of projects that have been done).
Many things can be found by reviewing projects that have previously been done by a website service provider or website creation company, such as the quality of their work, aesthetics & design style, capabilities, technical competence. Compare their portfolio with the best websites that you have visited on the Internet.

Implement "web standards"?
You will especially want to check if the website manufacturing service company applies industry standards in website development (for example HTML etc.) which can make web pages load faster, more concise and slim in HTML (X) code, appear consistent in a variety of browsers today, ready for the media browsing of modern websites of the future (such as PDAs, smart phones, web kiosks, screen readers) outside of conventional web browsers so as to provide solutions for the promotion of your business.

Number of Years of Professional Experience
Experience, of course, can bring more choices, good solutions to solve a problem, such as platforms & systems used for your specific needs, how to make a website with a better level of "readability", typography, usability & accessibility , how to make a website that looks consistent in various browsers, what about the consideration of SEO services as a website promotion so that the website appears on page 1 of Google, etc.

Ask for a consultation session to discuss the solutions offered.
After you clearly describe to the website creation company what you need and ask for solutions that can be offered (if necessary in written form). Ask for time on the website manufacturing service company to review and explain the solutions they offer. Or if there are other solution options in order to find a website promotion solution that best suits your needs. Use this opportunity as well as possible. Ask things that aren't clear to you. This consultation session should provide confidence that you are offered the right solution to support the promotion of your business website.

Cost Considerations
Estimated costs can vary quite significantly between various parties making website services. It really depends on things: level of expertise, project experience, depth of specialization, added value added, number of website development personnel deployed and also "availability". Be careful with very cheap costs. It could indicate low quality, although higher prices are not a guarantee, which means better quality. The main consideration here will always be your budget and whether the estimated cost offered sounds reasonable enough.

Of course this has an effect because what is the use of a good website development service company and is suitable if they have no time or opportunity to work for your project, because they are bound by various projects that are being worked on.


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