Terms & Conditions of Website Design GRYAWEB

Information of Terms & Conditions for Website Design - Gryaweb.


General Requirement

We understand that you might not have a reference about a website and don't know about the terms and conditions for having a new website. For that we can facilitate you by providing some references related to the content and appearance of the website that you will have. Please contact us so that we can give you information about what your website would be. For those who already understand and know a lot about website, here are the details of the terms and conditions for making a website from us:

  1. All data for the website like photos, Contact Address, Vision & Mission, remarks, product/service data, typed material is stored as a soft copy to be submitted to us directly/via email.
  2. A minimum down payment of 50% of the Total Price of Website Creation is done before the Project Runs.
  3. All web design packages already include domain + hosting for a year.
  4. The following year will only be charged 60% according to the package taken (Optional).
  5. For other program packages, will be adjusted to the criteria and complexity of the requested program.
  6. Services for consulting will be via SMS, Phone, Whatsapp, dan E-mail.
  7. Website development process will take at least 3 working days depending on the level of difficulty.
  8. Free Content Update in a year will be given.
  9. The maximum revision is done 2 times after the development phase is complete.
  10. Outside of the above conditions, please contact us.

General Terms

The details of the stages of designing and developing a website are as follows:

  1. Inform website references at least 2.
  2. Deal Project.
  3. Do the minimum down payment of 50%.
  4. Website design and revision process.
  5. Collect website data.
  6. Register the account of domain & hosting.
  7. Finish all administration.
  8. Launch the website.


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